Reading Training – Mittelstufe (überarbeitete Auflage)

EAN: 9784883195435

ISBN: 978-4-88319-543-5
ERSCHEINUNGSJAHR: 2011 (2. überarbeitete Auflage)
SEITEN: 139 + 14 (Lösungsseiten von den Übungen)
SPRACHEN: Englisch /Japanisch

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Beschreibung auf Englisch:

This book aims to improve reading comprehension for learners with a Japanese skill level between the late beginner and early intermediate levels (JLPT N3-N2). 

Originally designed for the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students), it's a great reading comprehension workbook for general Japanese learners and those who are studying for the JLPT.

Overall reading comprehension strategies and tips to solve different types of questions are translated in English, Korean, and Chinese.

This book covers a wide variety of kinds of text including advertising leaflets, notices, tables, newspaper articles, letters, e-mail, and editorial essays. Topics range from student daily life concerns to specialized fields like social issues, education, language, culture, international affairs and environment. Reading such articles of course also helps with vocabulary building.

This workbook is organized into four parts:
Part 1: Sample Questions and Strategies/Explanation for Reading Comprehension
Part 2: Exercise (Poses 44 questions as a reading exercise for various types of texts as introduced in Part 1.)
Part 3: Practice (Includes 17 trial questions.)
Part 4: Answer Key

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