First Encounter with the Japanese Language (Kostenloser Audio-Download)

EAN: 9784866390826

First Encounter with the Japanese Language (Kostenloser Audio-Download)
ISBN: 978-48-66390-82-6 //  ISBN: 9784866390826
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Verlag: Ask
Seitenzahl: 87 (Haupttext) + 31 (Lösungen)
Sprache: English, Japanish

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This book is for all of those who are interested in Japan, who want to take a glimpse inside the world of Japanese. This book is for beginners having their first encounter with the language, those who intend to learn Japanese on their own and for learners who would like to learn by ear and practice writing the language while listening to sample sentences repeatedly. As the writers of this book, we hope that it will help those embarking on the journey of studying Japanese enjoy their adventure. 

This book has three sections. Part I has many dialogues for you to listen to and read along with to get used to the sound and the characters of Japanese. In Part II, you will go through simple exercises to learn phonetics and basic grammar. Part III will take you through the practice of the Japanese script step by step using hiragana and katakana characters. There is also a kana practice book attached to the text in which you can go through drills of the characters one by one. 

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