My First Book of Japanese Words (An ABC Rhyming Book)

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A is for ari.
A teeny weeny ant
crawls with teeny weeny legs
on the bamboo plant. 

Japanese is one of the most popular languages to learn in our multicultural society, and My First Book of Japanese Wordsintroduces it in a playful and gentle way. Organized in a familiar ABC structure, everyday words and expressions—as well as words that have special significance in Japanese culture—offer even very young children an enticing glimpse into Japanese daily life. This delightfully illustrated preschool book shows each word in Kanji and Hiragana as well as in Romanized form. Teachers and parents—bilingual and English-speaking only alike—will appreciate the book's cultural and linguistic notes, while Kenji and his friends encourage young readers to join the fun!

Author Bio

Michelle Haney Brown is a longtime student and teacher of Japanese language and culture. Her blog, JapanThink.com, muses on everything from Japanese food to Japan's complex shoe etiquette.

Aya Padron is a freelance artist who works in many media, including painting and photography. She is the illustrator of My First Book of Korean Words and My First Book of Chinese Words.

Both Brown and Padron live with their families in Austin, Texas.

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