Live from Tokio (Listen to Real Japanese)

EAN: 9784789013574

ISBN: 9784789013574
VERLAG: Japan Times
SPRACHE: Japanisch 


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Vom Verlag angebotene Beschreibung auf Englisch

Listen to Real Japanese!
Enjoy a tour of Tokyo through listening

From arrival at the airport to sightseeing in Asakusa and Ginza, get a feel for touring in Tokyo!
Experience authentic Japanese daily experiences such as transferring subways and shopping at convenience stores!

All the conversations in the textbook are held by ordinary Japanese people. Learners will enjoy listening to real Japanese as heard in Tokyo.

Each of the 17 scenes has pictures or illustrations to convey the atmosphere of the scene. 

Key expressions and terms have English, Chinese, and Korean translations. This textbook is for all levels of learners, and is appropriate for self-study. It can also be used as a souvenir for people abroad or as a gift for foreigners.

The separate volume contains “tips for using the textbook in class” as well as answers.

Each section has a “listening comprehension test”, which can be used to prepare for the listening part of the “Japanese Language Proficiency Test.”


1. At Narita Airport: Moving to the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and starting to sightsee around Tokyo!
2. In a hotel: Arriving at a hotel and checking in at the front desk
3. In Asakusa (1): Walking from Kaminari-mon gate to Senso-ji temple with a guide
4. In Asakusa (2): Getting traditional Edo sweets as a souvenir
5. In Asakusa (3): Taking a stroll in a town wearing a Kimono
6. At a travel agency: Applying for a bus tour departing from Tokyo
7. In a sightseeing bus: Enjoying a full one-day hot spring trip
8. At a ticket counter in a station: Traveling to Hakone with a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji by special express train
9. In a subway: Moving around the Tokyo metropolitan area freely by subway
10. In Ginza: Asking directions
11. In a theater: I want to see Kabuki. Reserving a ticket
12. In a Japanese restaurant: Enjoying Japanese seasonal foods
13. In a museum: Learning Edo and Tokyo culture while having fun
14. In a convenience store: Introducing the range of services
15. In a tea ceremony class: Beginners don't have to worry; Learning the basics of the tea ceremony
16. At a pharmacy: When you don't feel well
17. In a Life Safety Learning Center: Learn to protect yourself from an earthquake and fire


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Live from Tokio (Listen to Real Japanese)

ISBN: 9784789013574
VERLAG: Japan Times
SPRACHE: Japanisch 


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