Learning through comparison - Sentence pattern drills for intermediate Japanese expression

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ISBN: 978-4-86392-098-9 // ISBN: 9784863920989
Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
Verlag: Jreasearch
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Sprachen: Japanisch, Englisch, Chinesisch, Koreanisch
Herkunftsland: Japan

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Features 75 themes such as similar sentences patterns. Charts explain differences in meaning and points of usage in detail. Users will develop practical skills by using drills that focus on conversation.

Compare and Understand: Intermediate Japanese Expression Sentence Pattern Drills

Learners may have trouble once they reach the intermediate level, as there are many expression sentence patterns with similar meanings.

This book looks at 75 themes, thoroughly compares their sentence patterns, and clarifies their differences.

Get a clear idea of their meaning and usage and practice using conversation-focused drills to understand their appropriate use.


1: Both teachers and learners will appreciate its comparative tables that show how to differentiate the usage of confusing sentence patterns.

2: In addition to sentence patterns, it covers a wide variety of material from across the intermediate level, including vocabulary, grammar, and more.

3: Uses many example sentences and practice questions with a focus on conversations to improve your practical Japanese.

4: Use the separate pamphlet to help you learn somewhat more difficult expressions.

5: Each topic is covered in a two-page spread. Learn at a brisk pace.










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